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Ancho & Morita

You will want to take this sauce home and introduce it to your mum and dad, sister, brother, hell even the next door neighbours. 

Origin: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Size: 10.4 oz 

SHU: 2,400

Ingredients: Aged tamarind chili paste (raisins, tamarind concentrate, gluten-free soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, Morita chile, ancho chile, kosher salt), vinegar, cane sugar, fresh garlic

Makers Description: Our tips for sauce - put on everything. EVERYTHING. One of our favourites at F! This isn't a hot sauce, it isn't a bbq sauce. It just is. A Latin / Texas inspired beauty of a sauce. Smoky, tangy, with a huge kick of Umami. Burgers. Chicken. Fish. Rice. Vegetables. The dog. Everything will taste better with this!