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Fat Chad’s is now serving its eclectic selection of sandwiches and drinks for Hong Kongers to take home and enjoy. Inspired by New York’s bodegas - small neighbourhood shops selling packaged food, beverages, snacks and sundries - the shop’s menu features made-to-order, hearty sandwiches and carefully-curated sodas, wines and beers.

Fat Chad’s elevated grab-and-go concept is a collaboration between four industry veterans - Taran Chadha, Camille Glass, Si Hyeong Kang and George Kwok - who met via Sai Ying Pun’s vibrant F&B scene. Their restaurants - BlackSalt Kitchen, Brut! and Pondi - are known by Hong Kong gourmands for their inventive, multicultural menus served in pretense-free spaces designed to connect neighbours over a delicious meal.