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Marie Sharp's Belizean Heat Habanero Hot Sauce

Origin: Stan Creek, Belize

Size: 5oz

Ingredients:  Habanero, vinegar, carrot, salt, onion, tomato puree, lime juice, garlic, capsicum, spices

Maker's Description:  Belizean Heat is a fan favourite in the legendary line-up of Marie Sharp's carrot-based habanero pepper sauces.  Hand selected, fresh red Belizean habanero peppers, natural vinegar, hand chopped carrots, fluffy snowy white hand harvested sea salt, hand chopped white onions, freshly squeezed key lime juice, fresh tomato puree, freshly roasted garlic, capsicum and spices

Marie began creating recipes from the noble Belizean Red Habanero peppers grown in her garden. These recipes became an instant success with her family & friends. Marie is one of the true pioneers in the pepper sauce industry. Try this great Habanero pepper sauce that's new in the Marie Sharp's line. This sauce has a Scoville Rating of 350,000 units. Flavour with heat.