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Tabasco Scorpion Pepper Sauce

The only Tabasco that f**ks with us

Origin: Lousiana, USA

Size: 5oz

Ingredients: Scorpion peppers, distilled vinegar, sugar, guave puree, pineapple, salt, guave powder, pineapple powder, Tabasco Pepper Sauce (distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt).

Maker's Description: Introducing our hottest sauce yet: TABASCO® Scorpion Pepper Sauce. Culled from the flames of flavor, this fiery sauce features a dynamic mix of scorpion peppers, guava, and pineapple—all blended with a splash of TABASCO®. While typical red peppers used to make Original Red sauce fall between 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville Units, one scorpion pepper can pack a potent punch of roughly 2 million.  Nearly 20 times hotter than our Original Red, TABASCO® Scorpion Pepper Sauce is not for the faint of heart. Flavor responsibly.