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Burn After Eating

Origin: Rochester, New York, USA

Size: 5oz 

Ingredients: Brutally Hot Peppers*, White Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Ajwain Seed,  Amchoor, Hing Powder (Rice Flour, Gum Arabic, Asafoetide, Turmeric), Ginger Extract.

*A secret blend of the worlds hottest peppers tha may contain: Ghost, 7 Pot Primo, Scorpion, Reaper, and 7 Pot Brown. 

Maker's Description: This sauce requires top level heat tolerance. consider yourself warned. You will regret this experience but you have no-one but yourself to blame. Hand crafted in small batches at a lab so secret that you would never suspect a thing if you walked by it (except for the flames).