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Like the volcanoes of Hawaii, this is some seriously hot stuff! An everyday extra hot sauce.

Origin: Maui, Hawaii, USA.

Size: 5oz

SHU: 77,000

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, chili peppers (jalapeno, dried Trinidad scorpion, habanero & ghost), sea salt, garlic 

Makers Description: This newest sauce from Adoboloco stays true to the maker’s Hawaiian roots with a ton of tangy apple cider vinegar but kicks it up a notch with a blend of four hot peppers including ghost, Trinidad scorpion, habanero & jalapeno. Rounded out with sea salt and garlic, Fiya! Fiya! is their hottest yet but is still usable for everyday applications. It’s super versatile, so try it on tacos, eggs, wings, sandwiches and everything in between.

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Maxime G.
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Sweetness and fire!

Very good sauce! I find a light BBQ sauce taste with sweetness but very very hot... Surprisingly it feels hotter than the Reaper Evil from Torchbearer! which make no sense when looking at the SHU... I still advise to be sensible when eating this one!