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F! Hot Box - Subscription auto-renews every two months


Sign-ups are now open for the July F! Hot Box!

The July box ships mid July (14th - 18th).
Subscription orders are auto-renewing and ship every two or three months.
You can pause or cancel any time.


Coming in Hot!

Our F! Hot Box subscription is a bi-monthly delivery of surprises! Three sauces ranging in heat levels from mild to hot. Get exclusives before we add to the store! Get some classics! Get some surprises from the team! 

This is a bi-monthly recurring subscription. You can pause or cancel any time. The cut-off for orders is the 9th of each month! You will be charged on the 10th of your subscription month! (July, September, November...) You'll be charged for the first box when you checkout today. 

Questions: get in touch!