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Why Do A Hot Sauce Event?

Need something new and exciting to liven up your workplace, bar, restaurant, or home? We gotchu! The FIYAH team loves planning and running hot sauce-based events for whatever your needs - ranging from educational tastings to the hottest hot sauce challenges available. 


Send us an email at and let’s chat chilis!

We Know About Events

Working with bars and restaurants and selling hot sauce is only part of the story. Our professional careers have spanned across event planning and curation, global product launches, education and presentations, televised sports and large mass participation events. No matter the size we Gotchu!

We Know Our Clients

There is a hot sauce lover in all of us! We introduce the wide world of sauces to clients and help them find their new favourite. Our events are always geared to our clients’ needs, and we help them gauge their heat tolerance levels before diving in. From mild to medium, to hot and hellish, no one wants to get burned.

We Know Our Sauces

Our team has sourced and individually tried over 500 hot sauces from around the world and know what it takes to make a good sauce. We help restaurants, bars and consumers curate their hot sauce lists and can also advise on pairings for that special event -wings, burgers, and even ice-cream!


An educational tasting session where we walk through 12 sauces - from mild to hot - with a focus on chili pepper varietals, hot sauce production methods and suitable food pairing options.


A monthly hot sauce takeover with sauces selected by the FIYAH team to compliment Alvys menu and introduce newcomers and loyal hot sauce aficionados to our latest and greatest. Hot sauce for the people!


Celebrating Honky Tonks one year birthday with Wild Turkey and hot wing challenge. Six wings with six of the hottest sauces in town. What could possibly go wrong?!