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Hong Kong, August 2020.

There we were, HOTTEST day on record…well, maybe not, but let’s go with it. We were grilling on a Tai Hang rooftop and listening to Steve’s expertly curated playlist.  Naturally, we wanted to spice up our burgers which lead to a SEARING conversation about the lack of availability of hot sauces from around the world in Hong Kong, a most international city…!

The three of us have very different tastes and heat preferences, and we’ve come from different walks of life. What can we say, but hot sauce brought us together. We’ve also called many places home, from Hong Kong to London, San Francisco, Montreal, Shanghai and New York City, we’ve lived all over, and global cuisines are part of our daily recommended intake. 

Long story short, FIYAH Heat Store was born.

Here, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of global hot sauces, ranging from the purest expression of the habanero from Japanese brand Mellow Habanero, to good ol’ Crystal from the USA, to exclusive collabs from HOT chefs right here in Hong Kong.  For the love of global hot sauces - discerning, not snobby.

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