Peppercorn Porter Hot Sauce

Peppercorn Porter Hot Sauce

Butterfly Bakery of VT
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Definite tangs of Porter and Pepper! 

Name: Peppercorn Porter Hot Sauce

Origin: Vermont, USA.

Size: 5oz

SHU: unconfirmed


Ingredients: True Love Farm jalapenos, organic white vinegar, Queen City Brewery Yorkshire Porter, salt, organic black pepper.

Maker's description:  Peppercorn Porter attacks twice - first with the jalapenos and then with an uppercut of black pepper. But then it soothes you with the sumptuous malt from the lovely Yorkshire Porter from Queen City Brewery. This medium hot sauce is great on eggs, steaks and in a Bloody Mary.

  • Made in collaboration with Dog River Farm and Queen City Brewery
  • Sauces are all vinegar based hot sauces with no gums or fillers