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Yaya - Your Everyday Arbol Chile Hot Sauce

Origin: New York

Size: 5oz 

Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar reduced to 4% acidity, onions, chile peppers, garlic, spices, celery, salt

Maker's Description:

I'm from from Mexico City, and this traditional Mexican tabletop Hot Sauce is my ode to Salsa Valentina, only elevated and all natural. YaYa gets her delicious flavor, bright beautiful red color, and medium burn from five approachable Mexican chiles, mainly Chile de Arbol and Chile Guajillo. 

To get your YaYa out, drizzle away. We especially YaYa in our soups, or on our seafood, chicken wings, and fresh fruit. But the best is in a Michelada - add to beer with fresh lime juice for the ultimate badass YaYa.

How do you YaYa? Everyday. Anytime. Anywhere.

                                 - Julio MM, Cantina Royal