Umami Everyday Sauce

Umami Everyday Sauce

Seed Ranch Co
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Origin: Boulder, Colorado, USA

Size: 8oz 

Ingredients: Organic GF soy sauce, water, organic olive oil, organic tomato paste, Italian capers, organic dried olives, organic porcini mushroom, organic shiitake mushroom, wild harvested kelp fronds, organic garlic, organic red miso, organic balsamic vinegar, organic chipotle pepper, organic carrots, organic dates, organic toasted sesame oil, & organic cumin

Maker's Description:  Umami, the fifth taste, translates as a “pleasant, savory flavor”. Seed Ranch Flavor Co.'s Umami sauce is a mild, earthy, rich sauce that is perfect for cooking, marinating, grilling, and dousing. Featuring porcini mushrooms, capers, and kelp fronds, the Umami makes everyday meals easy and extraordinary. GF, Vegan, Paleo Friendly, and non-gmo & organic ingredients. An incredible sauce for your kitchen.

  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Artisan hot sauce from the clean, organic, and non-gmo ingredients
  • UMAMI THE FIFTH TASTE: Like sweet and sour, Umami is a taste that makes any savory dish more delicious
  • MILD RECIPE: Handmade with oven dried olives, porcini mushrooms, capers, wild-harvested kelp fronds, and very mild heat so everyone can enjoy
  • HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS: low carb, low sodium, no refined sugar, vegan

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